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Miguel Heatwole, 2016

‘Energy in action’ means coal seam gas extraction
An overseas transaction and domestic frowns
A pile of double-speaking, a bit of back-room sneaking
And lots of toxic leaking into poisoned towns

AGL! ‘Though you say we shouldn’t oughter
AGL! We are poisoning your water

What we did in Gloucester was repugnant and preposterous
Were told the moral cost to us was somewhat high
The locals wanted to thump us 'cause we’d lost our moral compass
They kicked up such a rumpus that we said good-bye

AGL! We’re still drilling out in Camden
What the hell! They can suck it up. Goddamn them!

The government is backing us, the people are attacking us
The country that we’re fracking isn’t our concern
Farmed or residential, we don’t reckon that’s essential
We only see potential for ourselves to earn

AGL! Mining gas beside the school
AGL! We’re in love with fossil fuel

These citizens protesting they seem to be suggesting
That we shouldn’t be investing in this crap at all
We find that rather testing and things get interesting
When the buggers start divesting and our profits fall

AGL! ‘Though we poisoned, lied and cheated
AGL! We were publicly defeated
AGL! Increasingly it’s doable
May as well make the switch into renewables!

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