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Blue And Emerald

Miguel Heatwole, 2013

People gather in the cities, in the forests and the fields
Every colour, every kindred, every kind the planet yields
Rally now against the crisis. Save the land that gave you birth
But lift your head and look around you, every land is part of Earth

All our hands and all our voices
Joined in work, and speech, and song
Build our best hope for the world
Integrity will keep us strong

I am proud to walk beside you, you who give your honest word
Profit’s poison doesn’t taint you, let your selfless song be heard
Men and women standing for the generations yet to be
Fight to keep tomorrow safe from selfish greed's insanity

The fear they play on paralyses
Feeds on crisis, demonises
And it licenses their corporate might
Silences with facile claims of right
We are brave but are not fearless
Foes can feel us, that will heal us
Since we hold our fear in common
It won’t hold us from the fight

Millions of us know the truth and love our blue and emerald sphere
Never will we speak the lie that lets its wonders disappear
Where corrupt and false assertion spreads its dark malicious cloud
We will cheer the light of reason, chant its wisdom clear and loud!

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