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Come Away With Me
Tony Eardley, 1999

Come away with me my loved one
To where cool waters join together
Where tall trees bend and spread their shady leaves
To shield us from the searching sun.

For I know a place where the day is still
A hidden land shaped by the dreamtime
At night the starlights glance off darkened pools
Where thirsty creatures come to drink their fill.

"I'll go with you my friend and dear
To where cool waters join together
For its in the quiet of the forest deep
Your spirit speaks to me most strong and clear."

We rose and went and we journeyed far.
The sun was hot and unforgiving
Through the sprawling city where we love and fight
And scrabble for our daily living.

But when we reached that place our hearts did chill
We found the forest razed and ravaged.
Clear across the valley to the distant ridge
Lay stumps like crosses on some Flanders hill.

My love reached out to comfort me
She saw the tears in my eyes were welling
"Let all your tears flow" she said "my dear.
To wet the roots of anger swelling."

Now all across this tired and dusty land
The hungry chainsaws they are roaring.
The living waters die with poisons choked.
The Earth it crumbles in the greedy hand.

And you talk of work for them that the timber hew,
Those who by felling scratch their living.
Well there'd be honest work for all that need
Were good Earth's wealth not cornered by the few.

So let us go, hand clutching hand
Of lover, daughter, friend and caring stranger.
To keep our faith with those who're yet to come
And stand full firm against this present danger.

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