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Co-operation Reigns

Paul Spencer, 1997

Although we live beneath the cloud of greedy corporations

We must believe we will achieve our proper liberation

The world of business marches on as though it can't be halted

But tyrants past have fallen down when peasants have revolted

Goodbye Coles. Goodbye Shell. Goodbye Coca-cola

Today we save each other from our gluttonous controller

The world was ill with wretched pain, its creatures bound in chains

But justice is alive today, co-operation reigns, ha, ha, ha

The world has been through times of good and times of rampant evil

But nothing we have faced has made us sad beyond retrieval

For every season cycles 'round and Winter turns to harvest

And justice rallies close again when once it was the farthest

We'll sing this song the day we're free from bondage to the wealthy

When streets are filled with dance and song and lives are full and healthy

But victory comes by small degrees and constant confrontation

So every time we take a step we'll sing in celebration

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