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Earthly Love

Miguel Heatwole, 2015

How immense this love that holds me
And my friends beside me here
How intensely it enfolds me
Feeling it has healed my fear
No divine or unseen spirit
Fills my life with loving peace
Human is the voice I hear, it
Chants against the Earth’s decease

Words of love from friend and stranger
That through every land resound
Bind me to our planet’s danger
Yet fill me with peace profound
There’s no higher moral purpose
No objective stands above
This discontent that so disturbs us
Given us by Earthly love

We have cause to love each other
Giving strength and taking heart
Every sister, every brother
Each who plays an active part
Feel the breath of hope expanding
Let it be the song you hum
Until death your friends are standing
Face with them the trials to come

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