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Everything Goes

Parody of Anything Goes by Cole Porter, 1934
New lyrics: Miguel Heatwole, 2000

Time for change! [Re-arrange!]
'Cause we're headed toward gridlock [The way will be blocked]
Every day there's another shock. [A nasty knock!]
And we're working against the clock! [Tick-tock]
If today [we're sorry to say!]
The environment we condemn [to total mayhem]
Then tomorrow there'll be nothing
Who will sing a requiem?

In bolder ways than simply talking
We ought to get on with blocking
Our planet's foes [ourselves interpose]
Before it all goes! [in its death throes]
It's all too true, you know, it never was
So bad, and getting ever worse
So it goes! [The pace never slows!]
So many woes! [and dull sorrows]

The world is so sad today. It's in bad decay
But that's not the way that it's got to stay
We've got lots to say. Won't let it rot away
And get really on the nose [and decompose]

The profit motive is a cancer
That we can provide an answer for
We'll expose [the Emperor's clothes]
Then we'll depose! [Now here is what we propose]
We can stop the rorting rich minority
Challenging their authority
Up their nose! [We'll step on some toes!]
Discontent grows! [We can't repose!]

Big corporations run the system
But we know how to resist 'em
Our history shows [the highs and the lows]
The wind of change blows! [at our demos]

We don't want the air to stink, don't want slime to drink
More species on the brink. The forests daily shrink
Pacific islands sink, It must be time to think
About meeting worthwhile goals! [Take the controls!]

The movement grows and now there's heaps of us
Pollies only pay lip service
But be sure, [although it's a chore]
We're gonna get more!
Our voice too strong to ignore anymore.
We'll show the Liberals the door. Change the law!
We'll fight like never before! That's for sure!

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