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Gene Modified Food

Original song: Food Glorious Food by Lionel Bart, 1960
Filk by Jenny Fitzgibbon and David Peetz, 2009 and Miguel Heatwole, 2013

Seems the world's a weary chore: Orwell's 1984, planet-choking carbon fuel
Don't we have enough to bear trying to make the world more fair? Isn't life already cruel?  
How can we trust when we come to the table there's nothing too harmful for lunch?
That we're nourishing our bodies' natural health when Monsanto now wants us to munch on

Gene modified food! Fish genes in tomato
Bits of chromosome stewed. Pig in your potato
Chickens that are featherless. What next is the question
Gene cocktails are giving us, indigestion!
Gene modified food! We're not anxious to try it
Unlabelled it could intrude, unwelcome into our diet!
Just picture a freak mistake in your pie or stew
Oh, food, what's in that food?
Gene altered food. Modified food!

Gene modified food! To make it look handsome
Corporations accrued a king's ransom
What is the result of this hidden revolution?
Skipping a few millenia of evolution!
Gene modified food! No thanks! Why won't they heed us?
Has safety been proved? Tell us what you feed us!
What was that sound I heard? A green lettuce that mooed?
Oh food, what's in that food?
It's twisted and skewed
And genetically brewed
With extra bits glued
Now I'm not a prude
Or mean to be rude
Or get myself sued
But listen up dude
I just want my food
Wholesome and crude
From the earth where it grewed
Tradition renewed
Unmodified food!

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