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Let's Pretend

Geoff Francis, 2011

Let's pretend it isn't happening
Let's pretend it isn't true
Let's pretend that we can go on just the way we used to do

Let's pretend that cutting carbon
Ten percent or maybe five
Will be enough to shape a climate
That our children can survive
Let's pretend that giving handouts
To those polluters who are worst
Will in some strange way save our future
From forever being cursed

Let's pretend that there's a method
Of burning coal that's clear and clean
Let's pretend that nuclear power
Is safer than it's ever been
Let's pretend that turning lights down
And giving plastic bags away
By itself is all that's needed
To usher in a brighter day
Let's pretend that growing output
More and more and more each year
Is our best hope for tomorrow
Rather than our deepest fear

Let's pretend the Coalition
Isn't really all that bad
Let's pretend just for one moment
That they're not all barking mad
Let's pretend the sun goes 'round the earth
Let's pretend the earth is flat
That those scientists don't know anything
and that climate change is crap!

Let's pretend...

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