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Machines Are Closing In

Paul Spencer, 1997

Tomorrow when all the bush is grey
The darkness before the break of day
Then headlights and diesel engine noise
Our warning, machines are closing in
At daylight the slaughter will begin
We'll see then what selfishness destroys

How much is ancient forest worth?
How dear our world of death and birth?
My life belongs to planet Earth

Police cars come in to join the fight
The small things all run away in fright
The bush birds disperse on silent wings
The primates can fight among themselves
The cops throw some friends of mine in cells
The road clears the day of work begins

The ground shakes as timber crashes down
Our anger, enchanted by the sound
Released by the growling of machines
Alone now, the tears are free to flow
This old bush, ten thousand years to grow
Forsaken for seven bucks a ream

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