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My Kyoto

Miguel Heatwole, 2006

When I leave the room I switch off the light
And I print on both sides of the page
I ride the tram, I'm glad I can
My coffee I buy from Fairtrade
'Coz I think I oughta I reuse grey water
I don't eat things that come from a cage

In the winter I wear warm clothes inside
And I don’t turn the heating up high
When I boil the jug to fill my mug
There’s no left over water inside
All the energy that is charged to me
Renewable sources supplied

When I brush my teeth I only use a cup
And I don’t let the tap water run
My clothes get clean in one machine
And pegging them out isn’t fun
But a leaflet warned me when I’ve done my laundry
I should let my clothes dry in the sun

Miguel Heatwole, 2015

I make sure my finances are carbon-free
'Cause I care about where I invest
I ask my mates to investigate
Put their super and banks to the test
So that if they find that they're bad for the climate
I suggest that like me they divest

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