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Oil On Snow

Brian Jonathon, 2015

It's not so black & white, we all know                 
Taken by another, sons forsake a mother
She lets go
Gently she accedes with choking breath    
And quietly recedes until her death          

It's very black & white, oil on snow           
Through broken ice, day and night          
The dollars flow                   
Earth slowly bleeds through pale white skin  
And graciously concedes the life within      

Bleed the Earth upturn her           
Cut her down & burn her            
So she can't breathe
Excavate & drill her                
Torture almost kill her              
To feed our need                  

It wasn't black or white years ago       
From mankind's birth he cared for Earth   
So all could grow               
But no reverence now for sacred things       
As to the golden calf of greed he clings       

It's really black & white. The bell it tolls              
Mother gives so we can live              
But we take her soul                  
Now Mother Earth lies short of breath      
And painfully slides towards her death      

It's oh so black & white. We kill the land                
Trees rivers mountains plundered in their thousands  
By our hand
Desecrate the mother suck her dry               
But there won't be another to feed your child

It isn't black or white: it's not the end.        
Her daughters rise, her sons get wise
And care again
Resuscitate the Mother: she'll survive         
And once again will nourish all our lives.           

So heal the Earth, restore her
Turn your spirit towards her
She'll revive
Proclaim a brand new age
Spiritual and sage
Where all beings thrive

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