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Miguel Heatwole, 2003

I woke this morning
I felt a warning
Dark clouds are forming
Men uniforming
News is alarming
Ignorance arming

Our lives are gambled
Truth kicked and trampled
Headlines are dangled
Protest is strangled
The future trembles
Armies assemble

Tabloid analysis
Selfish callousness
Brainless malice gives
Thought paralysis
Nations jealous
Find weapon sellers

Earth mined for poison
Metal war toys and
Jobs for the boys the
Board room enjoys but
No! There are choices
Let’s raise our voices

Raise our voices strongly
'Though the way is long
We find relief in action
Shared belief and passion
We can do what we must
We will build love and trust

And our peaceful spirit
Will make murder fear it
All whom war endangers
Speak! And history changes
Let our strength be splendid
Until war is ended

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