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Stand Fast

Miguel Heatwole, 1998

Alone I feel each sense reveal a putrid world's decay
In print, on screen, the hack obscenely chooses words to say
'Let wealth destroy all Nature's joy' - the news is worse each day
My silence lets the greedy get their stupid worthless way

Open your hand and place it in ours
Impotent anger pass
And with your friends find comforting power
Together we'll stand fast!

However few, what we can do our courage will achieve
We cannot but stand up for what we ardently believe
The eleventh hour is struck but our resolve can yet retrieve
A sense of worth for planet earth its children may receive

Reach out your hand, take hold of the time
Leave despair in the past
The power for change is yours and mine
Together we'll stand fast!

We are alive. We will survive, and as Earth's peril grows
So shall our cause which overawes each honest heart that knows
And as we grow we'll overthrow corrupt destructive foes
The outrage of this insane age we will bring to a close!

So close your fist and raise it with ours!
Integrity unsurpassed
Gives us the essence of our power
Together we'll stand fast!

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