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Unnecessary Things
Annie Kennedy, 2004

I see the sunlight glisten on the open road
The sky is wide: the clouds have loosened off their load
I hear the whispering in the wings
'Leave behind unnecessary things'

In all history hidden down through the years
In the mystery contained in our human tears
We seek the grace of a quiet place
Beyond unnecessary things

The earth is singing as she breathes through every brand new leaf
Her light is woven in the fabric of an ancient grief
At loss of soul that searched for gold in
Unnecessary things

She spins her vision and she lays it soft upon the land
All who shelter in her trembling will take her hand
To set it right we must unite against
Unnecessary things

The weather's changing I can feel the breeze begin to blow
It comes to strengthen something we already know
The joy that will be when we are free from
Unnecessary things

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