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Wolli Creek

 Sue Gee, 2014

Precious remnant forest proud
One last refuge from the crowd
A fragile strip of Nature stands
Saved from developers' grasping hands
One small creek valiantly seeps
'Though choked in parts by silt and weeds
A tiny but life-giving vein
For the living beings which still remain

Wolli Creek our sacred valley
Where we go to walk and play

May we preserve you in your beauty
For all our children's future days

Plants of such diversity
Turpentine and ironbark trees
Luxuriant sandstone flora still
Line Wolli Bluff and Nanny Goat Hill
For birds of many shapes and hue
This valley is a sanctuary true
Throughout the bush their songs are heard
Magpie lark and wattle bird

A colony of sleeping bats
Huddle in their habitat
In spite of us they seem to thrive
But only 'cause this bush survives
'Neath a busy bridge a wetland pools
Where pond life thrives in shade and cool
Kingfisher, swamp hen, heron nest
In search of water food and rest

Quaint stone houses form a row
A legacy of long ago
If laws and statutes these preserve
Should not the bush the same deserve?
So close to Sydney's pace so cruel
How many know we have this jewel?
Thanks be to those whose hearts and hands
Stopped the motorway and saved this land!  

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